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A way to track/report height throughout the growth of the plant


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how do i get to this track your growth calender on here? I cant seem to find it and would like to do it as Ive just planted a few girls myself=)
From DB:
I don't think we've tackled that just yet. You're saying that you want to be able to note that the plant is say 12" today and 14" next week, 18" another few days later, etc? Then at the end or along the way see a graph or other presentation of the data? Right now, the strain/plant data is not saved against a particular date. I'm sure we could do something with the Events system though. Like maybe each time a Plant record is saved, we check to see if Height was updated. If it was, we could trigger an event that will log the new height with a datestamp. Then once we have a reporting mechanism, we could query all the "Height" events and plot their values. This is something I'm keen to add as well, so we'll get to it sooner or later.
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Discussed potential for using Events to track this w/ Lx. Will try to implement tonight.

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